Grass Reinforcement Mesh 11mm thick

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Grass reinforcement mesh is an ideal product to protect grass from pedestrians and light vehicles. It can be used for car parking and access routes, enabling existing grass spaces to be utilised without causing rutting, sinking or smearing of the grass.

The mesh is a tough, flexible, long lasting polymer grid used to permanently reinforce grassed areas, preventing them from rutting and becoming muddy when used by vehicles and pedestrians. It is essential that the grass is allowed to grow through the mesh before use to ensure that the surface is safe and strong. The mesh “vanishes” as the grass grows through the mesh, leaving that natural appearance of a grassed area.

This range is available in two different grades, Standard and Premium, determining which product is best suited depends on the application.


· Ideal for light vehicles and pedestrian grassed areas such as car parks, grass verges,     

· wheelchair use, golf buggy areas, light aircraft taxi-ways.

· Natural appearance, the mesh becomes

· invisible once the grass has grown through

· Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE

· Rot resistant and UV stabilsed for longer life

· Grass grows through and intertwines with the mesh to create a strong surface



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