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Playground Tiles

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  • Playground Tiles Playground Tiles

    Outdoor play is loved by children as well as adults alike, but there is always a risk of injuries and falls in outdoor playing areas due to their flooring which is often made of concrete or asphalt. Our playground tiles are designed to offer complete protection and safety to your outdoor place, making it ideal for outdoor playing. We manufacture rubber playground tiles from a high quality of recycled rubber which is well-known for its durability, resilience, safety and anti-slip qualities. These tiles give complete protection from fall and impact.

     Our playground tiles possess special cushioning characteristics due to their thickness which save the children from any potential injuries. In addition to providing safety and protection from injuries and falls, these playground rubber tiles also adds to the beauty of your playground as they are available in striking colours and finish. Due to the water drainage qualities of rubber playground tiles, water does not stay and quickly drain off from the playground floor keeping it dry and slip free. The unique interlocking pattern of playground safety tiles make them easy to install, fix and maintain without hassle. If any of the tiles get damaged, although it’s quite unlikely, it is very easy to replace.

    We are the playground tiles UK Company that manufacture these tiles under high pressure with EPDM recycled rubber so that they retain their shape in high traffic areas. These tiles are available in range of attractive and captivating colours which augment the beauty of your entire place.

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  • Playground Safety Mats Playground Safety Mats

    The ultimate purpose of playgrounds is to provide recreation, enjoyment and outdoor sporting facility to the children as well as to the adults. Most of the playground floors are either made of asphalt or concrete or are muddy. Concrete and asphalt playgrounds have high risk of injuries to head, back, legs, arms and other body parts due to their hard and rough nature while muddy playgrounds involve risks of sudden falls due to moisture or water lodging. In both cases, our playground mats offer complete safety and protection from any possibility of slips and falls.

    We manufacture playground mats from finest quality of recycled rubber which is tested under high pressure and is ideal for high traffic and impact areas like playgrounds. Our playground rubber safety mats possess anti-slip and outstanding water drainage qualities which keep them absolutely dry and moisture free preventing the growth of any bacteria and fungus.

    Our playground mats are resilient, durable, slip resistant and ideally designed for playgrounds and slippery surfaces. Our special playground safety mats also possess anti-fatigue and anti-fungal qualities which mean that they will give you a comfortable walk while giving you a healthy and clean environment to enjoy your walk or play. These playground rubber mats are available in variety of sizes and patterns as well as in tiles with interlocking design. This makes these rubber playground mats extremely easy to install and fix. You can also conveniently clean and maintain the playground rubber matting UK without any hassle. Choose from our exclusive variety at affordable prices!

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  • Playground Flooring Playground Flooring

    Hard playground flooring can take its toil in a serious way by causing serious and life threatening falls and injuries. Especially in the case of kid’s playground and outdoor play areas, it is vital to make the flooring non-slip and fall free. This can be easily done with our playground flooring range. We have exclusively tailored the outdoor playground flooring to meet the requirements of outdoor playgrounds and slipper areas where there is a possibility of water lodging or moisture accumulation.

    Our playground flooring is manufactured from superior grade recycled rubber which is tested to withstand any type of weather conditions as well as high impact. Therefore, our rubber playground flooring ensures complete and comprehensive protection against unexpected slips, falls and life threatening injuries. Our playground safety flooring is absolutely resilient, durable, slip resistant and provides instant water drainage keeping the area dry and slip free. Playground flooring UK is available in variety of designs and patterns to fit your requirements.

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  • Rubber Grass Mats Rubber Grass Mats

    Grassy playgrounds are often highly vulnerable to slips and falls due to rain, water and moisture. This not only makes the playgrounds useless during the rainy season but also increases the possibility of slips and falls. To bring this possibility down to zero, we offer range of grass mats that are specially designed for grassy surfaces. Our rubber grass mats are manufactured from the finest quality of recycled rubber which ensures complete safety and protection from slips and injuries even in rainy season.

    Our grass mats are highly non-slip, durable and resilient. This rubber grass matting range gets firmly fixed to the grassy playground and holes allow easy and quick water drainage making the playgrounds safe for outdoor sports even in rainy season. Our rubber grass mats UK are available in easy to install, fix and maintain. These are available in different sizes to fit your rubber grass matting requirements.

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  • Rubber Matting Roll Rubber Matting Roll

    Playground safety and protection is of utmost importance because children frequently visit playgrounds to enjoy their favourite sporting activity. Our rubber matting rolls are exclusively manufactured to offer complete safety and protection against any possible slips and falls not only in playgrounds but also at pool side area, walkways, balconies, decks, outdoor play area at home and at commercial places.

    We manufacture outdoor rubber matting rolls from high quality of recycled rubber which give complete safety and protection from possible slips and injuries. Our non-slip rubber matting possesses slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, long lasting and resilient characteristics. They give you full impact protection and also provide hot and cold insulation. Our rubber mat roll can be easily fixed and installed at any place. These rubber matting rolls are available in different sizes, designs and thicknesses to fit all your matting needs and to enhance the impression of your place at affordable prices!

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Welcome to Playground Tiles Uk

Kids love to play and run outdoors in playgrounds. Most of the playgrounds are either made of concrete, asphalt or of soil. In case of concrete and asphalt playground flooring there is very high risk of injury and falls during play. Our exclusive variety of playground tiles offers complete protection and cushioning effect against slips and falls. Our special playground rubber tiles are made from standard quality of recycled rubber which not only protect against any injuries but is also durable, resilient, and water resistant and UV rays resistant. This adds to the finish of playground safety tiles and they retain their colour enhancing the beauty of your outdoor playground. For soily or muddy playgrounds make use of our playground mats which firmly fix to the muddy surface making it non-slip and water resistant. These playground mats are available in different sizes and are easy to fix, install and maintain. Our playground rubber tiles UK enables you to create a safe environment for your children.

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