Grass Reinforcement Mesh

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Premium grade Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a thick plastic mesh for reinforcing and protecting grass for vehicles and pedestrians. The grass protection mesh has an oscillated mesh structure which increases slip resistance.

Grass protection mesh is designed to reinforce and protect grass from rutting, wear, smearing caused by traffic (cars, trucks, lorries, walkers and pedestrians) which quickly turns a grass surface into a muddy mess

Grass reinforcement mesh applications:

  • Grass car parking areas
  • Overflow grass car parks
  • Pedestrian walkways and paths
  • Disabled (DDA) wheelchair access routes and paths
  • Grass road verges
  • Grass runway taxiways / Light aircraft
  • Horse / equestrian surfaces
  • Caravan, holiday home and static home access and parking bays
  • Domestic lawn parking
  • Compliant for SuDS Source Control (Sustainable Urban Draiange Systems)


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