Rubber Grass Mat Roll 1m x 10.5m

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  • Our rubber grass mat roll is an ideal product for grass protection and safety flooring. The rubber matting can be simply laid on top of either even or "uneven surfaces such as existing grass, soil and concrete surfaces. Our new rubber grass mats come in a much longer roll measuring at 1m x 1O.Sm. The grass mat roll can be secured by plastic fixing pegs or can be joined, mat-to-mat, by cable ties. Grass mats help improve the safety and aesthetics of a surface whilst being incredibly versatile as they can be used for a number of applications including low-level play areas, temporary events, equestrian "areas, golf courses, farms, grass walkway matting and much more."
  • Grass Walkway Matting
  • "Each mat we supply is wheelchair friendly, weatherproof and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for paths and walkways, which are now"
  • even easier to cover with our longer length grass mat. The specially designed structure of rubber grass mats gives you a strong and durable surface with effective drainage which also allows the grass below to grow through and maintain the areas natural appearance.

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