Cranked Wheel Guide Pairs (3 Metre) with Fixings

Size: 3000(L) x 600(H) x 365(W)mm
Sale price£1,252.64
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The 3 metre Cranked Wheel Guide pairs are an excellent galvanised steel impact protection product that can be bolted directly into the ground in loading bay areas, providing instant benefits to both truck/HGV drivers as well as the company premises itself.  These wheel guides are highly visible and will alert truck drivers to their presence immediately, highlighting the lane in which the driver can reverse the vehicle to ensure that their trailer is lined up with the loading bay correctly.

The tough steel design alerts drivers to their presence if they bump into it, ensuring the drivers know when to stop and to readjust their position accordingly.  This also reduces the risk of collisions between separate trucks in the same loading bay area.

  • The galvanised steel construction ensures that these wheel guides are perfect for use in any kind of area
  • The splayed ends of these wheel guides provide extra stability to several knocks and bumps from trucks and HGVs, ensuring they can last in most conditions
  • These wheel guides are also quick and easy to install.  Once they are in place they can be bolted direcly into the ground using the 3 main plates and the pre-drilled holes in each one
  • These products provide excellent impact protection to almost any type of loading bay area and will remain in place for years at a time

These wheel guides are a must when it comes to ensuring your premises are fully protected in terms of impact protection.  Order today Slip Not to ensure you have the best impact protection standards available.

 Additional Info:

  • 3000(L) x 600(H) x 365(W)
  • Wheel guides pair - one left side and one right side
  • Cranked design - excellent guide for HGV drivers
  • Tough steel design - highly durable
  • Resistant to frequent bumps and knocks
  • Bolt down - install on site FAST
  • Protect assets from collision damage.
  • 24no. M16 throughbolts required - Included in it.

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